Life coach Sydney looks at NLP Coaching vs. traditional consulting

In this session we are going to look at the different ways Life coach Sydney and  NLP Coaching can get results and the difference that makes the difference. In this first entry we are looking at the difference between Life coach Sydney & NLP Coaching and traditional consulting.

“TRADITIONAL CONSULTANTS are recognized experts in their fields, who either sell their expert advice or perform their expert actions (or both) to complete a task on behalf of their clients. Consultants are hired to solve problems. With consulting, you have considerable control over the process and virtually no control over the re­sults. Consultants normally seek and take credit or acclaim for work done or achievements. Consultants must maintain their superior (expert) position and rarely form a close relationship with their clients. Consultants rarely affect the per­sonal improvement of their clients.


In NLP Coaching the Coach is going to work the Client to discover and utilize his most productive strategies, values, and other modalities already at his disposal but which he is not utilizing to the most for his benefit. The focus is on the Client in achieving his coaching goals and objectives.

So you can see how NLP Coaching is different to traditional consulting and the benefit of NLP coaching. This is not to say that traditional consulting does not work or that NLP coaching is better, its just different.

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